The rules of writing.

November 29, 2014

I recently had a discussion with a close friend of mine that’s also a writer. A few things came up when it comes to writing. I can’t find a single true writer that disagrees with having rules for writing. Like all of my other words, I felt included to share my rules. I have many and will add them later. I’ll be listing them as the voices in my head state them. Hopefully they won’t say them all at once.

1. Just write. Don’t overthink.
2. Write every day. Even if it hurts. (my rule: at least 300 words. Doesn’t need to count.)
3. The first draft is for you. What follows is for everyone else.
4. Rewrite everything at least once. Even if it’s on an Instagram post.
5. The first draft is the hardest draft and the point between being an actual writer and everyone else.
6. Let the words give your life meaning.

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