Racism and Breakfast Burritos

March 24, 2016

You would have to be a weird person to not like a breakfast burrito. There’s something amazing about carrying the start of your day right into the first activity of the day. You’re able to make them or have them made however you want. And in a way, what you’re holding represents humanity. We are all just a bunch of breakfast burritos in a weird way, with only a few differences.

Let’s take the outside; our skin and the tortilla. On the outside, some of us can be a little darker, or whole wheat. Some of us can have strong features or buckwheat. our skin and the tortilla is really just this tiny layer that holds all of the stuff on the inside together. On the inside of a breakfast burrito, we are all mostly the same with maybe a slight variation. Maybe your eggs had a brown shell, maybe your cheese is an aged parm. But it’s still breakfast food and there’s a very low chance I will not eat it. I was raised to love all cheese, all eggs, even the fake ones people invented for health reasons.

There are definitely a few people that walk this planet that have a serious hate for specific types of tortillas. I hold no prejudice toward any flavor tortilla. I’ve even eaten a few spinach ones without a problem. If for some reason I have trouble with one, usually when I have the same one every day for like 5-months straight; I bring something along that helps us join together (usually a kick-ass salsa.)

Now, keep in mind that there are some breakfast burritos I refuse to eat. But it has nothing to do with the tortilla. It’s usually some ingredient that I just can’t stand. Like an eggplant. It just does NOT belong in a breakfast burrito. DEAL WITH IT. When I first ran into this experience, It was with a buckwheat tortilla. Did I blame the tortilla? No. Because not all buckwheat tortillas hold an eggplant on the inside.

What’s the moral of this story? Next time you run into someone and they tell you that one thing represents another, think of the breakfast burrito. Sure there are some bad ones out there, but it sure as hell should NOT stop you from eating them.


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