Fighting Fear

February 6, 2015

I’ve learned to fight fear my whole life. Either I was born with a high amount, or it was given to me through unfortunate situations. I have sought to fight it as much as possible and help others to do so as well. There are three approaches to fear:

1. Fear wins. You stop yourself from something because you have a fear and accept it as law.

2. The touch & giggle. You have done it once, and never do it again. In your blood, deep down, you know that you have this fear.

3. The gutting. You face the fear with a smile on your face. You walk up to it with grace knowing it’s existence, how harmless it. While looking at it straight in the eye, you stick a knife in it’s stomach and slide it sideways, and let it’s insides fall out.

While the last one is totally graphic, approaching a fear with this mindset can delete it from you head. The knife is the knowledge you have of the fear and use it to protect yourself. Say it’s spiders, you can look up every poisonous spider in the world and then hang out with one that is harmless until your fear is gone. If it is heights, you can go skydiving in tandem. If it’s talking to someone you have never met, it’s just simply doing it until you can’t imagine the day you didn’t do it before.

As humanity progresses into just sitting before a screen, fears will foster and knowing the three levels of approach to fear will be a necessity for progress. Know that if you do any of the three above you still walk away. But do you want to be the person that approaches it with knowledge and a smile or the one who’s locked in a bunker?

I will forever be your advocate to help you fight it.

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