A gain of clarity

May 10, 2015

I have given my happiness and the best of me to people who cherish it and truly need it. It has, in some weird way, subdued my insanity. I have been slightly scared since the moment I have comprehended this. I first panicked, thinking I could no longer write searching for the crazy that dished words out with ease. Something else came forward and I wrote a novel. When I read it out loud it’s painful and I hate it, but it’s not carried by the childish emotions insanity could only write. I feel fortunate to finally be able to have head, heart and feet all in the same place. Holding a printed copy of what I wrote; I only had the people closest to me to thank. Thankful of the clarity to be able to convey. Now I just need to work on how I articulate. 

Dim sum today. Can’t wait. It’s been at least a year. Happy Mother’s Day to those who created life. 

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