Racism and Breakfast Burritos

March 24, 2016

You would have to be a weird person to not like a breakfast burrito. There’s something amazing about carrying the start of your day right into the first activity of the day. You’re able to make them or have them made however you want. And in a way, what you’re holding represents humanity. We are all just a bunch of breakfast burritos in a weird way, with only a few differences.

Let’s take the outside; our skin and the tortilla. On the outside, some of us can be a little darker, or whole wheat. Some of us can have strong features or buckwheat. our skin and the tortilla is really just this tiny layer that holds all of the stuff on the inside together. On the inside of a breakfast burrito, we are all mostly the same with maybe a slight variation. Maybe your eggs had a brown shell, maybe your cheese is an aged parm. But it’s still breakfast food and there’s a very low chance I will not eat it. I was raised to love all cheese, all eggs, even the fake ones people invented for health reasons.

There are definitely a few people that walk this planet that have a serious hate for specific types of tortillas. I hold no prejudice toward any flavor tortilla. I’ve even eaten a few spinach ones without a problem. If for some reason I have trouble with one, usually when I have the same one every day for like 5-months straight; I bring something along that helps us join together (usually a kick-ass salsa.)

Now, keep in mind that there are some breakfast burritos I refuse to eat. But it has nothing to do with the tortilla. It’s usually some ingredient that I just can’t stand. Like an eggplant. It just does NOT belong in a breakfast burrito. DEAL WITH IT. When I first ran into this experience, It was with a buckwheat tortilla. Did I blame the tortilla? No. Because not all buckwheat tortillas hold an eggplant on the inside.

What’s the moral of this story? Next time you run into someone and they tell you that one thing represents another, think of the breakfast burrito. Sure there are some bad ones out there, but it sure as hell should NOT stop you from eating them.


Amongst Men

January 6, 2016

The Barber shop, a real barber shop is where men can congregate and discuss anything. Being a man that has lived in three different states, you will settle on one that shits you. Where the barber and you can drop in and out of conversation while he manages 100,000 things on your head. 

While there are many Barber shops, there will be only one you call home. And you won’t know until you know. 

Fight the negativity.

January 4, 2016

I find myself in the real world more often now than I can remember. Before this, I have been immersed in the digital world, and before that it was my own imaginations and emotions. I find that the happier I am, the less I feel this digital world is needed. It truly is an area to fill a void. It also happens to be an area where people delve out and explore their negativity. I find that I see too much of it and wonder how much growth it actually brings the world. I appreciate all of the positive meme’s too, but I cherish those who share their accomplishments. I also am addicted to seeing a failure shared. If you’re a simple person, you can boost your confidence off of it. If you’re strategic, you’ll know that this is just their first step to what’s next.

I often tell people of why I stopped writing posts online and how only being negative would actually track traffic. It was easy for me to simply hate on something. It’s easy to pick this world apart, what is bewildering to me is why we can’t move past this. Is there a connection between a time in our life where we can only see the negativity, and when we are online? Are both of these connected to the desire for immersion in the digital world?

This year I hope to write more on here and share other things. Like my photos and accomplishments. Hopefully, I’ll keep the positive flow with it.

A gain of clarity

May 10, 2015

I have given my happiness and the best of me to people who cherish it and truly need it. It has, in some weird way, subdued my insanity. I have been slightly scared since the moment I have comprehended this. I first panicked, thinking I could no longer write searching for the crazy that dished words out with ease. Something else came forward and I wrote a novel. When I read it out loud it’s painful and I hate it, but it’s not carried by the childish emotions insanity could only write. I feel fortunate to finally be able to have head, heart and feet all in the same place. Holding a printed copy of what I wrote; I only had the people closest to me to thank. Thankful of the clarity to be able to convey. Now I just need to work on how I articulate. 

Dim sum today. Can’t wait. It’s been at least a year. Happy Mother’s Day to those who created life. 

Fighting Fear

February 6, 2015

I’ve learned to fight fear my whole life. Either I was born with a high amount, or it was given to me through unfortunate situations. I have sought to fight it as much as possible and help others to do so as well. There are three approaches to fear:

1. Fear wins. You stop yourself from something because you have a fear and accept it as law.

2. The touch & giggle. You have done it once, and never do it again. In your blood, deep down, you know that you have this fear.

3. The gutting. You face the fear with a smile on your face. You walk up to it with grace knowing it’s existence, how harmless it. While looking at it straight in the eye, you stick a knife in it’s stomach and slide it sideways, and let it’s insides fall out.

While the last one is totally graphic, approaching a fear with this mindset can delete it from you head. The knife is the knowledge you have of the fear and use it to protect yourself. Say it’s spiders, you can look up every poisonous spider in the world and then hang out with one that is harmless until your fear is gone. If it is heights, you can go skydiving in tandem. If it’s talking to someone you have never met, it’s just simply doing it until you can’t imagine the day you didn’t do it before.

As humanity progresses into just sitting before a screen, fears will foster and knowing the three levels of approach to fear will be a necessity for progress. Know that if you do any of the three above you still walk away. But do you want to be the person that approaches it with knowledge and a smile or the one who’s locked in a bunker?

I will forever be your advocate to help you fight it.

The rules of writing.

November 29, 2014

I recently had a discussion with a close friend of mine that’s also a writer. A few things came up when it comes to writing. I can’t find a single true writer that disagrees with having rules for writing. Like all of my other words, I felt included to share my rules. I have many and will add them later. I’ll be listing them as the voices in my head state them. Hopefully they won’t say them all at once.

1. Just write. Don’t overthink.
2. Write every day. Even if it hurts. (my rule: at least 300 words. Doesn’t need to count.)
3. The first draft is for you. What follows is for everyone else.
4. Rewrite everything at least once. Even if it’s on an Instagram post.
5. The first draft is the hardest draft and the point between being an actual writer and everyone else.
6. Let the words give your life meaning.